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Pranic Healing

Come to a Free Pranic Healing Introduction!
You will experience and learn some simple techniques you can use now!

  Carol Gottesman will be offering Free Intro's throughout the year to get ready for Pranic Healing Level I classes!!

  Pranic Healing is a simple yet powerful and effective system of no-touch energy healing originated and developed by Master Choa Kok Sui. It is based on the fundamental principle that the body is a self-repairing living entity that possesses the innate ability to heal itself. Simply put, Pranic Healing accelerates the healing process by increasing the life force or vital energy on the affected part of the physical body.

  Master Choa's motto was to "have a Pranic Healer in every household." Pranic Healing is an excellent way for handling the daily scrapes, bruises, nosebleeds, fevers, headaches, cuts, and sunburns that families typically encounter. Now is the time to learn Pranic Healing so you can support yourselves and your families.


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